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Loved this so much, a cute little story great job!

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Thank you! :D (most of the bugs you found are limitations of gb studio xd) Glad you liked it. (Edit: I am not entirely sure but think you played this one:


 liked the flopping fishies all around! nice quest...i couldnt get passed the bully saying im not allowed there.. but fun game!


you have to ask the captain for help after the pirate says you cant go through


oooo thanks! keep up nice gameboy work!

How did you implement that battle system? You got a guide? 

i will probably make it open source soon

(see gbstudios discord)

what engine was this made on?

I used gb studio

Loved it, great story... would have liked Poseidon saying you worthy. great execution!! big thumb up 

Thanks :)

nice game but change J to some thing like E or Shift cause is too far from my finger 


You can also use alt or z, i cant change the input buttons because thats a limitation of the game engine

Hey cool game it felt very polished. Maybe till next time though add more fighting? Right now the game is very short, but i liked the premise.

You should be proud of your work :D

Thank you :D

I made the game for a game jam so i didnt have enough time to add more fighting and make it longer

Hey, this was fun - nicely done :)

thanks :D

how do i start??

just press j