Updated to GB Studio 2 Beta 4

Thanks to xerofdv for updating this project to the new Beta!


  • Player and enemy now use actors instead of being drawn on the background
  • Added scene for interacting with things before the fight and return to that scene after the fight
  • Improved the structure by using new GB Studio features
  • Fixed bug with enemy health not being reset


Turn Based Battle System v2.0.0.zip 327 kB
May 08, 2021

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Hey! Really nice battle system! I've been trying to study the code and dont seem to find the variable "damage" in the set up. I'm just starting and i'm taking a look at all the turn based systems. Could you please elaborate?

There is a variable for each of the four attacks, 1dmg, 2dmg etc.. Then when attacking there is a damage variable that gets set to one of those and there is a random chance to double it on a critical hit.