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This project was created for GB Studio version 2.0 Beta 4 so please keep that in mind when using a newer version.

Hey GB Studio Community!

This is a turn based Pokémon like Battle System you can use in your GB Studio projects. If you haven't downloaded GB Studio yet, download it here.

The update to GB Studio 2.0 Beta was made by xerofdv (twitter). You can still download the old versions if you'd like to.

Here is how to use it:

Download and unzip the project, then open it with GB Studio. Details are in the documentation.

You can use the project without giving any credits. If you would like to credit me anyway, I would appreciate that!

Can't wait to see what you make!


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TagsGame Boy, sourcecode, Turn-Based Combat
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Turn Based Battle System v2.0.0.zip 327 kB
Turn Based Battle System v1.2.1.zip 182 kB
Turn Based Battle System v1.1.0.zip 78 kB
documentation1.2.X.pdf 388 kB
documentation1.1.0.pdf 303 kB
documentation1.0.0.pdf 304 kB

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Deleted 163 days ago

Hi, idk about the one hit kills, you are gonna have to do some debugging. Feel free to post a link to your game's itch page when you finish it!

As soon as I get that bug I'll invite you and everyone else test the prototype! :) Cheers!

Awesome Job Manu!

Is this scripted/coded or does GB Studio have the capability to do this natively? 

is there a way i can import this to an existing project? im a beginner. sorry you probably always get these comments.

As far as I know, there is no way to do that. I could be wrong, maybe ask someone on the GB-Studio Discord server, it might have been added in a new update. Haven't really been following the GB-Studio development.


Hi Manu, I have updated the script for v2.0 beta 5 and replaced a few ifs for switches and added a new scene, I would be honored to provide an update here for future users.

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Hi xerofdv! Really interesting, would for sure like to learn more details! How may I contact you?

twitter or email will do ( although you'll have less issue finding me in Twitter)

I dont have a twitter, are you on the GB Studio discord server? We could find each other there.

Hello. Is this version with switches available to take a look?

Hey this is incredibly cool! I’ve been messing with it in the hope of implementing it into my game, but I was hoping to cut it down to just one player attack and perhaps to add a “run” option. I’m a beginner and after having spent quite a bit of time trying without luck, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are (and which) events I could disable to make cut it down to just two selections.

  I really appreciate what you’ve created here!

Hey, good job with the project.  One quick question, how would you leave the win scene after the fight?  I dont mean just go to the same scene everytime, but go back to the one you were in before the fight.

Take a look at Scene: Store Current On Stack and Scene: Restore Previous From Stack

Thanks so much for the help!

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Please update for the 2.0 beta, much appreciated ! 

Request : 

Can you make an example of melee combat whereby the player has a global variable health points + attack points,  and enemy actors have local variable scene specific health points and strength.

 You use a sword to attack an actor, and the script subtracts player strength from enemy actor health points

I have been trying to get this to work for a few days now, and all I get is player kills enemy actor in one swing of the sword, when it really should take three swings.

P.s Thank you for making GB Studio, its a great programme !

Hello! I am not currently planning on updating this project for 2.0, maybe some time in the future.

As to your request, I have a similar project for Zelda-Like combat, where you would just need to implement health and attack damage, here.

P.s I did not make GB Studio, it was made by Chris Maltby.

ah no worries, after gruelling afternoon with some help from gab studio Reddit I got everything working ! Cheers 

thank you dude! that was what i was looking for

How do i change the way the player and enemy look?

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In the "backgrounds" folder, you can change them there.

Hey there, can I contact you via email?

Please contact me here via itch.

How do I add a background just asking?


Hello OP. im not sure if you still check around on this but i had a question: im new to this whole thing and i really wanted to try this. i downloaded it but since my beginner-level i only got the photos to work. im not sure if this is supposed to add some code or not. so, how does this work exactly?

If you followed the documentation pdf file, and you got it working, everything should be fine. The documentation shows all the code-blocks which are added.

well... how do i get the code into my own game then? ive looked around and it says i had to change somethings in the one u gave but how do i add it to my own game code?

You have to use it as a start project and build your game around it. GB-Studio doesn't support copying code to other projects.


ahhh i see. that had me really confused. thank you so much man! and really cool project youve made

I am trying to make a pokemon fan game sort of thing and I just wanted to know if there is a way to change the player and enemy sprites based on what we select.

The only way it would work is to make a background for every pokemon combination and switching to the right scene every time, this would probably be way to complicated.

Did you make any progres im looking into it to, I found this combat system, very simple but we probably can improve it. my Tweeter is @tepokato in case you are interested. 



very cool


Yaaay, nice!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!