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This project was created for GB Studio version 2.0 Beta 4 so please keep that in mind when using a newer version.

Hey GB Studio Community!

This is a real time Legend of Zelda styled Combat System you can use in your GB Studio projects. If you haven't downloaded GB Studio yet, download it here.

Here is how to use it:

Download and unzip the project, then open it with GB Studio. You can copy the two default enemies to place more around your level. There are 2 types of Enemy AI already implemented, random movement and targeting movement.


Do not claim the unchanged project as your own or distribute the unchanged project. You can use the project as a template for your own games. Please add appropriate credit when using (a link to this page is ok).

Can't wait to see what you make!


StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Made withGB Studio
Tagscombat, Game Boy, Swords


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Thank you for this contribution! I went great lengths to get the GB Studio version that this system was designed for. Worth it!


Will this be updated for version 3.1?


When you are going to solve the impacts with the walls in platforms, it still does not detect them if you make a shot.

Could you explain what you mean by that?


hello, thanks in advance for the wonderful gb studio, well my question is that making my platform game, I put the character that shoots, but it goes through the walls, each shot, the shot is a ball, it does not hit the wall to that I mean, is there a solution so that when the crash the shot disappears, since putting actors eat space, I could use trigers but it eats memory, turned it around and around, since the control is very good and my game has been really good, I look powerless In that aspect.


Oh, well I am not the creator of GB Studio, Chris Maltby is. Maybe ask on the discord server.

Please update this for GB STUDIO 2.0


This project is fire, good job on this my dude and good luck on your other projects!

very cool but why are the enemys not atacking

very cool :o

his was really good but I did not understan why enemies are not attacking

Thats amazing! Please make a tutorial for that! \o/

i am i allowed to copy the scene and edit it for my game 


interesante propuesta :3

Hello i really like the idea good job,
am i the only one who cant undersnad how to copy the sword to my game?
and how to confing the actor confing?

i wil be glad if you will help me with this

There is currently no way to copy actors from a game to another one, this will probably be added to gb studio in the future. You have to start with this project and build your game around it.

Thanks! If you can build an engine to make platformers in the future that would be AWESOME!

I thought about that but it isnt really possible with give gb studio limitations, but i think it will be added to gb studio in the future

Ok, clear for me now. Thanks for the reply.

now it is. :)


how? I’m really needing it a explanation to finish my game.

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Thank you! This is great! :) Just what I was looking for my project.

Question: Is it possible to assign a value so that enemies are not killed during the first hit? I tried assigning a variable in the if hit section but for some reason its not working out for me.

Could this also be used for the (enemy) actors to hit back?

Thanks in advance and thank you for the script.

You would need to make a health variable for every enemy, then instead of hiding the enemy when hitting it you just subtract 1 from the enemies health variable. if the value equals 0 then hide it

Enemies can't attack back at the moment. Some kind of attacking will probably added in the future.

Thanks for the quick reply! :) So that would be on the actor (enemy) not the sword script correct?

I tried to subtract "hit points" from the "if hit" sword script and do that. Hide if health = 0 on the enemy actor. For some reason once the health it zero, health reset back to 249 (or around there).

Much appreciated and thank you for all your work :)

Ok got it! Thank you! :) The HP var needs to be on the scene level. Worked like a charm.

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I am really happy that you like it :D

I had the same problem with my Turn Based Battle System too, after checking for health = 0 I just checked if it is above 230 or some high number because the gameboy cant use negative numbers. Be sure to not set your enemies health to something higher than 230 though. Also make sure that, if the enemy has 1 hp left, the damage is not higher than 25 ( 1 - 25 = 231, if more than 25 the enemy will not be killed but gain a huge amount of health)

Edit: After reading this post I thought I have written it a bit unclear hope you understand me lol

Totally! Thank you. I did exactly that. If HP is > 230, I subtracted the HPvar - HPvar which gives me 0. If zero then it hides the enemy or if the players HP is zero, then it ends the game. Thanks again. Having a blast with this.

Is it possible to have to have the sword swing from a 90 degree angle? Much like in the Zelda games instead of swinging straight forward.

You can change the code so it animates the sword differently, did not test it though

Just a heads up, Ive been experimenting with that. See discord post here: https://discordapp.com/channels/554713715442712616/585023243732123676/6033118590...

looks cool! let me know if you finish a game with that!

I am trying so hard to implement this into my game, but for some reason I am having such a hard time getting the sword to show up...

it keeps zooming above my head and not even remotely close to the player...

The only thing you have to do is to copy the sword script to your sword actor. If you can't get it to work you can ping me on gb studios discord and you could send me your project so i can try to fix it if you like.

I updated the documentation maybe this helps you


this is perfect for my project :3 thankyou


This is really neat. Had the feeling it was possible, but didn't want to bother with all the complication. Really wish GB Studio had a way to write scripts rather than having to handle the GUI, which can get clunky when it's this complicated.

Still, excellent work!

Awesome stuff dude, cheers and keep up the great work.


thank you :D


Will keep an eye on your stuff here and on the Discord too, excited to see anything else ye come up with.