A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This game is a submission to Mini Jam 62: Colors.

Shoot the enemies to gain score points. The more enemies you kill, the harder it gets. Go through doors to enter the next floor of the dungeon. When going to the next floor you will get healed. Try to get the highest score you can!


W,A,S,D - Move
Right Click - Switch colors
Left Click - Shoot
M - Toggle Music
ESC - Quit Game

If you get to a dead end, just return to where you came from, new enemies will spawn there.

The rectangles are enemies, smaller ones have less health but are faster, and bigger ones the other way round. Red flashing enemies give you health when killed. (max. 3 health points)
The diamond shape is the door to the next floor.
The 3 red circles to the bottom left represent your health.


SwapDungeon-WINDOWS.zip 19 MB
SwapDungeon-MAC.zip 23 MB
SwapDungeon-LINUX.zip 26 MB

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